Pressure Cooker Gaskets

Our standard grade Pressure Cooker Gaskets are used as one of the key accessories for pressure cooker lid for effective sealing purpose. These rubber made gaskets prevent exhaustion of internal steam of cooker to quicken cooking process. Generally rubbers like NBR, silicon, HSN and CR are used to fabricate these sealing gaskets. Available in black color, these circular shaped gaskets are completely protected against oil, water and high temperature. Due to their good elongation rate, these Pressure Cooker Gaskets can be easily fit into the lid. High compression slanting characteristics, wear proof formation, flame retardant capacity, accurate diameter and light weight nature are some key attributes of these gaskets.


  • The provided rubber gaskets are made of good quality silicon, NBR, CR and HSN rubber
  • These have long service life
  • Ease of installation and light weight nature are some of their unique features
  • Dimensional accuracy

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